Technical outerwear for the equestrian - reinvented.


We started REDINGOTE because we needed to simplify our lives.

Before this, it took too many things to stay warm in between rides.  So we created one technical outerwear piece that means you can say goodbye to all that stuff.

It's waterproof, breathable, and insulated from head to toe, with a fit designed to layer over any standard riding or show outfit.

The double storm flap over the zipper not only blocks wind and water, but is secured by magnets instead of velcro. So you don’t have to worry about it sticking to everything else you’re wearing while suiting up.

There are endless places to stash your essentials. Secure your phone, keys, cash, cards, gloves and anything else you need to hold onto in a variety of interior and exterior pockets. Our favorite pocket? The one with a wipe-able liner to hold your horse's favorite treats!

You've also got storage options for crops and spurs so that you don't have to hold onto them when not in use. A crop pocket on the left leg and a D-Ring on the right hip provide easy solutions.

And maybe best of all is the fact that you can hop off your horse and into our suit without ever removing your boots! Our leg zippers open up to the thigh, allowing you to pull it on and off anywhere, anytime.

Bottom line is, we're just like you.

We value time spent riding horses, connecting with our friends and communities, and helping train the next generation of riders.  We want to own fewer things that make all of that easier to do.  We hope REDINGOTE helps you do just that.