“I’m so thankful for this gorgeous and stylish onesie to keep me warm before and in between rides! Dirt and horse hair falls off with ease and it’s perfect for daily use around the barn!"
-Lainey Ashker, Eventer

"These suits are really for any woman who does outdoor work in frigid temps and are mostly geared toward women who spend their days in a barn with horses. I am genuinely obsessed."
-Caitlin Cimini, Founder of Rancho Relaxo

"I wear my coveralls to all my equine massage therapy appointments during winter to keep me warm and protect my clothing from hair and dirt. It makes it easy to go from the barn to lunch or even book signings!"
-Heather Wallace, The Timid Rider

"As a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, my Redingote keeps me warm and dry during my lengthy days at work. I love that it is very lightweight and non-restricting. It allows me to get into all the various positions needed during a bodywork session with no worries of being able to move with the horse comfortably! I’ve also received many compliments on my professional appearance versus the appearance of what I had to wear before discovering Redingote! I never want to take them off!"
-Alice Long, MMCP

“This is a must-have in every woman’s closet! Whether you are working outside, skiing, or riding it is the most functional, durable, and versatile piece of winter wear you will own.”
-Mo Baptiste, Owner of MB Stables

"The Redingote jumpsuit is not just my solution for staying warm at the barn for everyday things, it is the most convenient winter wear I have seen at USEF, PHA, and USHJA shows as well! I stay completely clean inside the suit and can take it off (while wearing my tall boots) right before I have to get on and ride!"
-Amelia von Korff, Equitation & Dressage

"These coveralls have, in a short time, completely won me over. I go from accounting/business professional settings to walking through milking parlors or filling hay feeders on a daily basis. These are the perfect solution for me, I can effortlessly look professional yet prepared to get dirty when necessary. Made for women, by women, each detail and feature serves to balance function and style."
-Kelsey O'Shea, Multitasker

“Seriously though, can’t live without my Redingote. I am able to stay comfortable in some uncomfortable weather.”
-Elisa Wallace, Eventer

"When I'm at the stable, I need to be dressed in something durable and comfortable. Our industry has a high demand for attire that is as hard working as the women who wear it. That's why I wear Redingote. I'm thrilled with the level of comfort and functionality it provides both in the barn and in the saddle."
-Carol Ann Goff, Owner of Dun Hollow Stables

“My jumpsuit is my go-to for my chores. I can’t speak highly enough about it. Redingote did an outstanding job designing something fashionable, sleek and hard working.”
-Laura Bernardoni, Owner of Starline Equestrian

"For anyone who runs cold or is stuck north for the winter, I can’t recommend getting a Redingote suit enough. It’s truly a game changer and I think my horses are pleasantly surprised (or upset!) that their mom is at the barn longer hours thanks to no longer freezing."
-Ashley Harvey DeWitt, Eventer

“This suit has kept me warm even in 24-degree temperatures with the wind blowing strong. I'm able to ride in my rope saddle comfortably and my barrel saddle. So easy to put on and take off and love the zippers on the back of my leg. Thanks for designing such a functional, fashionable jumpsuit for the equine industry.”
-Erica Friedman, Barrel Racer

“I wore my new jumpsuit this week during a bitterly cold three day weather event - snow, wind, single digit temps - and it was brilliant! I wore it turning out, mucking, and riding and it was perfect! Then I used the blower to dust myself off and went to lunch. And it looks cute! Great product! Thank you!”
-Louise Edwards, Barn Manager